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 Classes Overview

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PostSubject: Classes Overview   Classes Overview Icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 2:32 am

Class Hit Points Skill Lists Abilities
Alchemist 5 Occult Increased Brew Points
Assassin 5 Occult, Rogue Evading
Bard 2 All* Spirit Sight
Fighter 6 Strength Improved Strength
Knight 6 Strength, Arcane Resist Planar
Monk 6 Strength, Occult Hand to Hand
Necromancer 4 Arcane** Breath of Undeath
Shaman 4 Arcane, Occult Innate Shadow Spells
Sorcerer 4 Arcane Access to Planar and Elemental Spells
Thief 5 Rogue Pick Pockets
Tracker 5 Rogue, Strength Tracking
Warmage 5 Arcane*** Cast in Combat
Wizard 4 Arcane, Occult Activate Bane Removal Spell

* Bards Have Access to All Skill lists but cannot buy Critical Slays, Assassinates, Dodges, Channel Silver Mana. They Also Cannot Produce 7th level Alchemy in any form. A Bard May Choose one of the following spell lists (Elemental, Lumen, Terros) to cast their mana from.
** Necromancers Buy Health from the Rogue Chart
*** Warmages Buy Heath From the Rogue Chart, May Purchase a Weapon Skill from the Strength Chart, May Purchase Shield From the Strength Chart.

Class Abilities

Access to Planar and Elemental Spells
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Classes Overview
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